Thing 13

I attended the session entitled “Free Tools for Universal Design for Learning in Literacy”  Here are a few GREAT tips I picked up in this session

Ways to help students using technology:
Game Goo Website
Microsoft text to text
Books on audio
Text students their homework
Have students Listen to books on audio while on the way home by converting to Mp3 file
ebooks- free  there are also free download sites
Adobe will read PDF files for you if you download speech app
Firefox- can read text for you if you use click please
Things that will turn your text into speech
Spoken Text- highly recommended 
Speech to text options
JOT- will send messages as a text
Ebook downloads
Fictionwise website
Concept Mapping *These cost
This tool was incredibly valuable. I did not have to be there at a specific time. I was able to utilize the archives to access this info. I will definitely attend the online sessions for 2009 as they are available.

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