Thing 4

Blogging is DEFINITELY a different genre of writing.  In general, I think blogging is a great communication tool for students and teachers as well as other audiences. What I most enjoy about blogging is its ability to distort the old thought that it “more work or homework.” I have found that my students always want to know what the next blog topic will be. In the beginning they would ask “how long should my response be” but this quickly came to an end because they enjoyed responding after they had an opportunity to read their classmates responses.

A blog reading is different from other types of reading because they not have a great deal of research behind them, however some do. They are similar to other readings because they give great insight to specific topics. Blog writing is different from other types of writing because it does not require lots of structured writing. It is similiar to other writing because it allows the writer to share his/her feelings about a specific topic.  Having the access to comment on the writers perspective allows you to feel part ownership of the writing in the blog. Blogging can be very instrumental in the learning process.  Blogging allows the student to speak in a less consticted manner, so that the teacher hears the students true voice.

As I explored the blogs in this assignment, there were a few that I found very interesting.  Dr. Meyer’s Blog Why I Don’t Assign Homework  was especially insightful. I have often thought about this concept, but leary as to how it would go over with parents and administrators.  Student 2.0’s blog on Teaching Brevity was my favorite because I think we often spend so much time with requirements and standards. I agree we should challenge our brains to think at higher levels rather than lengthy levels.

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